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Some videogames have character creators.

And some have characters creators.

When it showed editing individual face planes my jaw fucking dropped, and continued to do so. I’m so angry the sites down what is this game?!

This game is called Black Desert. Unfortunately, this game is currently in development. I don’t know much about it, but you can just search on Google some other information about it. Seems fucking awesome from the preview. - AND THE BEST PART IS IT SAYS THAT IT IS FREE-TO-PLAY OH MY GOD


Hey Anon! Sorry I took so long to answer this—I wanted to do something more in-depth over just a ‘ok draw a circle now MAKE IT AWSUM.’ I also tried to recall from other tutorials stuff in them I didn’t feel like they spoke about.

also—I’m very sorry I don’t have more advice to give about ears. I am not completely confident with them yet! Gotta keep practicing.

As always, I am not 100% correct on everything, so feel free to use what you want and ignore what you don’t want!

Here’s some more tutorials on noses and ears that might be helpful, if this one isn’t:

Step-by-step coloring nose tutorial

Another nose tutorial!

Ear tutorial by the same artist. This artist has TONS of other useful tutorials too, btw!

More noses.



Melting aluminum with an electromagnet.

Its magic



Melting aluminum with an electromagnet.

Its magic

My laptop’s browser is now old enough to not let me tumble. Seeing as my laptop has a version of Linux meant for school kids (weird terminal commands AND I think I can’t download certain things without some codes from our teachers or something??) and the desk computer is usually occupied, I’m screwed.






I’ve gotten some really horrible asks and fan mails this morning alerting me to the fact that someone has made a post asking people to downrate and report my submissions to the WeLoveFine Homestuck contest.

I’m sure many people are not aware, but my name on WeLoveFine is Bidelle Ward!  The person who submitted these are me, they’re not stolen at all!  I know I made them nearly 2 years ago now, so they’re familiar around Tumblr, but I assure you, it’s me who submitted them!

I know people who watch my (now defunct) art-only blog (which is now this blog) don’t know about my submissions to the contest, so I figure that’s how this horrible rumor got started.

I’m not sure what kind of damage has been done to their rating, but please, PLEASE, if you downrated them, thinking they were stolen, please try to contact WLF and have your rating changed!  This contest and these designs mean a whole lot to me and if I get disqualified or downrated for a reason like this, it would be devastating.

And if you haven’t rated, if you can, please do so, they’re right here:

Dave:  Click here.

Rose:  Click here.

(PS: Does anyone know if/when reported pieces will be taken down?)

ack! signal boost!

signalling the poop outta this

i can’t believe how stupid people are

I fucking love these because they’re elegant and don’t scream fandom all over the place, and it’s terrible that people did that. Please vote for these designs!


Purr = happy cat noise

Gato = Spanish for cat

Purgatory = infinite realm of happy Spanish cats


Nene Thomasselected by 1ll-society


Nene Thomas
selected by 1ll-society

Reblog if you believe Marvel isn’t just ‘for boys’.





Okay you guys, I need your help with something. A girl in my class (I am also a girl) told me today that ‘Marvel is for boys.’(She’s 15, like me.) I (obviously) disagree with this, because it shouldn’t be for any specific gender.
So, to prove her wrong, please spread the word and reblog this to prove that Marvel isn’t just for boys.

*takes off iron man mask* Preaachhh

*flings shield* PSSSHTT 

*catches hammer* pfffffttttt


Seizure First Aid. 

Learn it. Share it. Know it. Use it. 





Imagine if Amnesia or Slender came with a heart rate monitor. Imagine every time something creepy happened it would get worse because your heart began to beat faster and the game recognized you were scared.

Nevermind does just that!


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GUYS! This would be an amazing game!

Here’s the kickstarter page, 3 DAYS LEFT!